Thursday, 31 January 2008

Family Day

Today is my hubby’s company – Daleel Petroleum Family Day. Today I just went there with my kids as my hubby was out of town n won’t be able to join us. We reached at the Oman Aviation Centre at 9.30am. Not many people arrived yet at that time. As usual after registration we got t-shirts, cap n our raffles coupon. We then proceeded for our breakfast.

There were many games n contests for the kids, ladies n man. Some of it such as the tallest guys, the person who have biggest belly n even the shortest guy. Ehem.. if my hubby was around, surely he will win this one.

Aina won for the lady who has the longest earring. Nabila won the prize for the most colourful shoes. Hakeem was complaining that he didn’t get any prizes. As for the volleyball, Haji’s team won the game. Laila n Aina participated in the singing show. Overall we were enjoying the games n shows.

The one that we were waiting for was the Lucky Draw. Every year we were not that very lucky. Everybody will win the prizes it’s just that the different what will u be getting. I still remember the 1st year we got Lulu voucher for 20 OMR, 2nd year was bread toaster n I was hoping that this last family day for us, we’ll be getting something interesting.

We waited n waited for our lucky number to be called. After a few number called Haji won a Samsung refrigerator. Then my hubby’s boss Sony home theatre. Then 21 inch flat TV, PSP, vacuum, hand phone n so on. This year all the prizes were electrical goods.

As other peoples who had won the prizes one by one slowly went off, we still were waiting for our number to be called. Huh.. I hate all this anxiety kind of feelings. Finally our lucky number 23 has been called. Nadira went to pick the number for the prizes. And we won Bosch food processor! Hehehe.. that’s for me.

Nadira was frustrated as she was hoping for a hand phone – Nokia N70 or Sony Ericson. Sorry.. Well at least we don’t have any problem to pack this. Just imagine if we got fridge or TV? Then we have to find people who want to buy it…

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