Wednesday, 16 January 2008

My Old Man

I didn’t realize that today is already Wednesday. That means I had been back to Alor Setar for 4 days. Times just fly so fast. I still have lots of things to do. Nadira was unwell since we arrived here. So it’s quite difficult to drag her here n there as she’s always in a bad mood. For Nabila n Hakeem they would just prefer to stay at home rather than being outside as the weather is a bit hot n humid.

This morning I just came back from visiting my mom’s graveyard. I went there with my dad. Today he looked so happy n jovial which make my heart smile. I was worried before this as he appeared to be so down n upset. His mind seems to be drifted away. Whenever we had conversations even if my brothers were around, he seemed not to be there with us.

I know something has disturbed him n I know what it is. I just feel sorry for him. It breaks my heart to see him sad. But I am so helpless. I can’t do much which actually I can’t do anything at all. Even though physically I look as I am not interested in helping him but I never stop praying to Allah that He will always protect n help my dad.

I just miss my old man. The father that I used to know. The one that always look smart, handsome n cheerful. I will do my best to please n make him happy. Maybe this visit will be my last one so I don’t want any regrets. I love him so much n I just want him to be happy.

Anyway.. I have another three days more to be here. I hope my dad’s happy face that I saw this morning will stay there forever.


Anonymous said...

semoga Allah mengasihi ibubapa kita seperti mana mereka mangasihi kita semasa kecil..i'm glad that you know how important it is to look after our old folks..


Norfiz said...

Kaklong sedih aku baca ni..ayah ni happy go lucky..semua org tau kan..kalau dia sedih tentu nampak dari raut wajah dia..