Sunday, 6 January 2008

Pumping Up

It has been one n half month that I have not gone to my gym n do any work out. I feel so bad n fat!! I wanted to start n go yesterday but I had to cancel it coz of my terrible migraine. So this morning after sent my kids to school I had managed to get myself to go to the club.

This is the difficult n tough part for me to start after a long break. I’ve been telling thousands times to the inner part of me that I have to go to the gym tomorrow. Go n get myself there!

When you’re getting older you can’t easily loose your weight. The best moment that I had in my life was the time when I was breastfeeding Hakeem. I lost my weight tremendously. But after I stopped breastfeed him, I slowly gained my weight.

I had to keep aside all the jeans n khakis that I love so much – arghhh.. I miss n want to put them on back! (which I doubt I could do that). Now my aim n goal is not to make myself be able to wear those sizes. If I were to do that I have already give up by now. How hard I tried I don’t think I can easily lost 2-3kg.

So I had set in my mind that all the hard work that I’m doing now is for my long term benefits. It’s for my own good health. I want to be fit n at the same time I can still enjoy the food (at least without feeling any guilty). And if tomorrow, next week or next month the pant that I’m wearing now is a little bit loose – I am already pleased with myself.

Something that I can be proud of n have a big smile in my heart!


Norfiz said...

Huhu..samalah kita..dah berumur badan cepat naik ni..kena maintain kalau nak cun gak..

voguemom said...

tu lah pasal... kena bekerja keras lah nampaknya..