Friday, 25 January 2008

The moments

The whole day yesterday was the day my family n our usual close friends gathered around for some activities. The activity started non-stop from morning till night.

We started with our bowling session. I am not a good bowler though so it’s quite competitive to be in the same group with all the ‘pros’. I did well in the beginning but towards the end I seemed to lost focus n concentration. Haji as usual lead the game but he did had a though fight with my hubby. But in the end surprisingly our Lady Lyn came to be the winner!

As for the kids Aida the pro n the undisputable champion beat others easily. Later on we drove to Mawaleh to have our lunch at our favourite restaurant Mandi rice. Then we dropped by to Hj Amin’s house for solat n tea.

We went back home after that to have a rest then went out again to Al-Thaiba after maghrib. The Muscat Festival had already started in Oman. This is a yearly event that we never want to miss out. Even though it’s the same things n same place every year, still we looking forward n love to go there.

There are a few places that run the event for this year. So we choose the one at Al-Thaiba. It has the bazaar selling foods n clothes mostly from the Arab’s country. We were surprised to see the Thailand’s food stall n regretted that we already had eaten Pakistani n Turkish foods. Maybe next time we can come again n try it.

After that all the kids were enjoying themselves with the rides there. There were only two rides that seem to be challenging n thrilling for the big kids. Meanwhile the small little tots like Nabila, Zaid, Haiqal, Rasyad n Aleesya (sadly Hakeem already dozed off) had rides which suit for their age.

We ended our night at 11.30pm. On the way back home I was thinking to myself. These are the same activities that we always have among us, our friends. There is nothing much actually in Oman here. And we still keep doing n going to the same places all the time.

But we never get bored n tired. It’s not really the ‘things’ that we r doing but actually the moments n times that we spent together. The planning, trips, excitement n the minute that we shared together with our friends that matter n means a lot.

The bond has getting stronger n stronger day by day between us. We are just like family n be part in each other’s life. I will surely miss all the time that we had together. And it will always be treasure in my life.

I have to stop here. I just can’t continue anymore as I am too emotional n crying at the moment.

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