Monday, 18 October 2010

Back To Routine

I arrived at LCCT airport last Saturday at 4.20am. Luckily Hakeem and Nabila were very ‘good’ and they woke up easily. I was worried at first especially Hakeem.. but Alhamdullilah.. everything was fine. We waited at the airport till 6.15am. I just want to make sure that out there was bright enough and I could see around then only took the taxi back home.

My dad was around for the last one week to accompany my elder daughter Deea and my maid at home. Thanks Ayah.. Anyway.. I am so glad to be back at home. I couldn’t sleep at all in the plane and was very tired.

In the afternoon I cooked lunch.. Gosh.. lama betul tak makan masakan melayu ni.. Nabila and Hakeem ate a lot. They pulun habis the chicken as they missed eating chicken.. hehehehehehe.. SO for the rest of the day I just stay at home and relax..

Yesterday morning, my dad went back to Kedah. I took my children out for lunch and did some groceries. Actually when I woke up in the morning I had a terrible head ache. I felt like there was a big stone on my head. By the time in the noon, I already shivering and having body aching. I hate having this feeling. Alone without hubby and sick! After taking pain killer I felt better in the evening. Alhamdullilah..

Today is the first day of school for Nabila and Hakeem after a week break. I had a very difficult time to wake them up. They cried, whined and all I hear was “I don’t wanttt tooo gooo tooo school” Aduh… it took me 10minutes to get them up to the toilet. Hakeem was still crying even while having breakfast.

But by the time they reached school and met their friends.. ok ah pulak gelak2 and berlari.. Huh.. along the journey both of them were so quiet which was so unusual. So there goes back my routine..

Lama lagi ni nak tunggu deorang holiday....

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