Sunday, 10 October 2010

Namaste From India

Namaste.. Namaste… Namaste...

I am now in Delhi, to be specific in Gurgaon where hubby is assigned to work. Gurgaon is one of Delhi’s four major satellite cities and claimed to be the best to work and live in India. It is about 30kms to New Delhi city.

The night I arrived at the airport, my first impression by looking at the airport – modern and big, it is not bad at all though I had been told about the other side of story about India. There are policemen everywhere. Along my journey to the hotel, I could see policeman stationed every 200mtrs along the road side. Hubby said it was like this since the day he arrived here and the security is even more strict due to the Commonwealth Games. I even have to scan my bags and walked thru the scan entrance to enter the hotel. It was not just the hotel but also the entrance of Malls, Metro stations or any other public area.

Anyway today is Sunday and it’s an off day for hubby. In the morning I had my first Indian breakfast – Idli with curry/dall. It was superb. Hakeem loves the poratha so much that he could finish the whole piece. As for Nabila – Indian food is not her favor so she just had pancake instead.

Today we visited Qutub Minar, the world’s tallest brick minaret. It was built under the orders of India’s first Muslim ruler Qutb-ub-din Aibak. We went there by taking Metro which claimed by the country to be WORLD-CLASS metro! Hmmm… 100x lagi perfect our LRT, Monorail or even komuter. All the stations looked like it were not fully completed.

There were electric cables hanging everywhere here and there. Then the floor some were not half tiled. It is just so dusty everywhere in here. Even in the train too was not so clean. Kira siap boleh gerak train, ok lah for them. I was imagining if this were to be in Malaysia, no way this will be approved by any of our agency in charged.

Anyway once we were at the Qutub Minar, I was stunt by the beautiful tower in front of me. It was such a brilliant and creative people we have thousand years ago who could produced with such beautiful designs. The wall has been crafted with holy Quran and it’s all in geometrical design with symmetrical order. Isn’t that amazing?

We were there for about two hours. It was getting hotter and the kids complained of exhausted and hungry. We headed to the nearest Mall just to be in a cool and comfort place. The Mall is located in Saket and called Select City Walk. The Mall is quite big and have many branded outlets.

We dropped by at the Hard Rock Café to purchase some souvenirs and t-shirts. Believe it or not the t-shirts here are super cheaps! You can get all below then RM100. It’s true that people say textiles and clothes in India are way cheaper. I am not yet to explore this part but SOON will .

We had our lunch at the hotel and hubby suggested his favorite Vege Briyani. Sumpah sedap!! It was soooo delicious. Hakeem as usual with his favorite poratha and Nabila? – mushroom soups.. Pitty her as she was not really into the Indian foods!

There goes our second day here in India. In the evening, we walked to the nearest shop to buy some munchies and then had our Maggie Mee for dinner.


Shahrul Nizam said...

T-shirt satu!!!!

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meee tooo!!!! always without me, hahahahahhaahahhahaha
beriyani sedap gileee