Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Dilli Haat

Today I took my children out to Dilli Haat. Read in the internet, Dilli Haat is the place that I want to be. It’s is a beautiful marketplace of indian crafts. Dilli haat has number of shops within it of indian handicrafts which attracts a lot to tourists and local visitors of Delhi and all over India. Huh.. excited ni nak gi…

We took a hotel taxi to go there as it is located in the central of Delhi. It took about 30minutes to reach the place. Along the journey, the driver proudly told me name of the places and temples that we passed by. Yang paling tak tahan tu.. everytime we passed by the 5 star hotels, he would say “Madam.. this is Hyat our 5 star hotel”. This went on and on each 5 stars hotel we passed by. Bangga giler dia. Layan je lah… J

The traffic in Delhi is so a headache to me. It was not the jam but it’s the way they drive. My God.. they just keep squashing their car, auto or trishaw in between others though they know they couldn’t get thru plus the sudden break and stop. AND also they love to honk and honk for no particular reasons. Kalau sakit jantung mmg dah gugur mati waktu tu. Sikit2 hon… sikit2 hon.. suka betul deorg.

Anyway after 30minutes went thru the trauma we arrived at the place. When I saw the place, I already knew this was not the one I’ve seen on the web. Aduuhhh…. Frust betul!! He brought me to a place which of course sells all the handicrafts, textiles and souvenirs items but all these sold in one shop – fully a/c and definitely mahal ah ni…

I was expecting it’s gonna be an open market or probably like a bazaar or souk. Well.. anyway since I am already here and with no choice.. masuk je lah…I was greeted and welcomed (dlm hati.. habis ah kena ketuk aku..) once stepped out from the taxi.

The first section of the shop sells a wide range of saree, scarf, table clothes, cushion cover, garments, and bed covers. I was called to sit and looked at all the things that they thought might interest me. The prices all were not so bad but all are fixed price. When I asked why I couldn’t bargain he told me that the price are already cheap as it’s already subsidized by the government. Ye lah tu.. mcm ah betul!!

Then there were also sections for shoes, handicrafts, jewelry and carpets. I bought a few souvenirs and gifts. There were not many choices but still I shopped till I dropped.. hahahhahaha.. After about two hours there we headed back to the hotel.

On the way back we passed by a few historical places, government offices and of course 5 stars hotels around Delhi. Suddenly the driver pointed at one building and told me “Madam.. that is Amir Khan’s house” Huh…excitedly berpusing kepala nak nengok Amir Khan’s house. I asked him.. are you sure? With full confidence and proudly he nodded (which actually geleng kepala) said Yes.. Yes.. that is Amir Khan’s house.

Sorry ye.. no pictures taken as it was not really Amir Khan’s house. It was actually AMAN HOTEL. Huh.. setelah edisi siasat dibuat, the driver is actually from Jaipur and Delhi is quite a new place to him. So the excitement he had probably as much as me who are first time here.. Hahahahahahha.. Kalau ah Amir Khan pelakon suam-suam kuku rumah dah besar hotel.. mcm mana ah Sharukh Khan pulak!!

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