Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Today was such an exhausted day for me. In the morning I went to the Indian embassy to get visas for me and the kids (yeah.. I am going to India!!). Before I can submit my application the forms had been rejected because I didn’t bring the birth cert for my kids. How do i know that I have to bring that?? I kind of questioned and argued with the reception (reception and pakcik guard yg kasi no) why it was not stated in the website that I have to bring it.

She answered that it is a new rule and just being told today (ye lah tu.. like I believe) I told her still it has to be told to the public. Probably fed-up to entertain me she asked me to go to counter 7 to talk to the manager. The same issued I brought up and the same answered I received. To make the process easier with no choice I drove back to Shah Alam to get the birth cert.

It was at 10.30am at that time and I managed to get back to the embassy which located in the middle of KL at 11.45am. When I reached there the pakcik guard asked me to take a new number which I had 50 people before my number. Aduh… my knee felt so weak at that time and I knew that anytime I could just fall down.

Still holding the forms I looked around for any miracle to happen and I was lucky that the ‘manager’ that I met before suddenly appeared at the counter. I immediately ran to him (mcm drama Hindustan ni) and purposely breathe in and out loudly (nak tunjuk penat giler balik ambik birth cert ni – which actually mmg penat pun…) showed him the forms including birth cert dengan muka minta belas ihsan.

I again was lucky that I still kept the number that I took in the morning – the lucky 1040 I gave to him and he threw my 1173 number and said he will process the visas for me. Thank God.. I felt so relieved. My visa is ready to be collected tomorrow evening. There settled my first part.

The other part, I didn’t purchase the flight ticket yet! The trip is actually a last minute decision. I just want to make sure I can get the visa then only buy the ticket. From there I rushed to KL Sentral to purchase Air Asia tickets. I couldn’t purchase thru online as got problem with the credit card.

I reached there at 1.45pm and again there were 40 numbers of people before my turn. Damn.. why are all these people have to buy tickets here! I know I couldn’t make it as I have to rush back at least by 2.15pm to fetch my kids. Furthermore I would not be able to purchase the tickets even if there were no people there as I forgot to jot down all the passport number. Rasa nak hantuk je kepala kat dinding masa tu..

Tiredly I walked off from there and went towards the parking lot. Huh… visa has settled but not the tickets. I was worried at that time. In the evening, at last I managed to purchase the ticket online (thanks boy) which I already planned to go to Subang Terminal if worst comes to worst. That was my last solution actually.

However alhamdullilah finally the tickets part are done and the visas insyaalah are ready tomorrow. Well.. India.. here I come.. to meet my ‘hero’ there J

p/s: great thanks to Linda yg setia menemaniku ke hulu ke hilir setel benda ni!

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