Monday, 4 October 2010

Here It Goes Again

I've been sitting here alone thinking for the past seven days when hubby was at home. The precious time that we spent together and how the kids were so happy seeing their dad everyday.

Yesterday we sent him to the airport. Seven days just went off so quick.

At night, Nabila already started holding hubby's picture and t-shirt. Staring so long at the picture with the tears on her face. She had a difficulty to sleep and I had a tough time to comfort her.

This morning Hakeem woke up with not in a good mood. Whining and crying. I guess he already missed his dad.

In the car Nabila asked for the phone to chat with her dad. She was so worried whether hubby has safely arrive but at the same time afraid to disturb him.

Now they are at school and I guess that will distract them from thinking about hubby for the half day.

But tonight I am sure they will ask again about their dad with different kind of episode. This will take 1-2 weeks till they can accept the fact that hubby is away.

Parting is not easy especially for the kids. I just hope that Nabila and Hakeem can adapt with this situation without having any big impact.

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