Saturday, 9 October 2010

My Flight To Delhi

I’ve safely arrived at the Indera Ghandi International Airport around 7.15pm. The flight was smooth – 1st time took the Air Asia X, spacious space and nice comfort seat. It was a perfect landing by the pilot except a few incidents happened that I would like to share with all of you.

Thru out the 5 hours journey it was impossible for me to sleep or even get a peaceful rest as these people on the flight were talking non-stop LOUDLY. Gosh.. behind me were a row of family reciting their ‘mantra’ while they were trying to sleep. The fronts of me were talking non-stop loudly.

There were also kids running around on the plane macam cita hundustan.. plus touched, pulled here and there. They were making lots of noise. Tah mana ah mak bapak deorang masa tu.. There was one English lady went to the kids and told them to stop making noise as it disturbed others. The lady even asked where their parents were and told them to get back to them. They were frightened but after 15minutes they were back doing the same thing again..

Upon landing, as usual the stewardess asked everybody to switch off the hand phone and remain seated. Again when we were almost approaching terminal announcement was made that there were still hp on and it distracted the system in the plane. This time it was serious as all the crews went around the plane said it loud to switch off the hp.

Once landed again and again we had been reminded about the same thing. We were not allowed AT ALL to get up from the seat and on the hand phone. When everybody saw the crew approaching the door everybody got up. Then the announcement was made again asked everybody to remain seated. Frankly, I felt like an idiot. I never face this before in any of my flights. I was wondered at that time whether it was the air asia or India? Everybody kept still at that time waited what to happen next.

After about 5 minutes, the captain (pilot) personally made an announcement. Lebih kurang mcm ni lah bunyinya… “I only want to say this ONCE only ONCE and not going to repeat this again. During approaching the terminal I found that there are still hand phones that have not been switched off. I have to take down the plane manually as I couldn’t communicate with the tower. For the people who have their h/p switch on, please remember this. You are not just jeopardizing the communications of the flight systems but also everybody else life. I will let go this person this time but remember and bear in your mind that do not do this again to any airline that you are going to take in future

Fuhh… giler ah…. There were ground officer and the policemen up on the plane walked and looked at each of us with fierce faces. This damn stupid monkeys on the plane (sorry ah have to say this) just didn’t listen. I actually saw many of them ON and still ON the hp even they were not allowed to.

And because of that I was stranded about 10minutes in the flight just to witness my first live bollywood movie! Anyway.. after seeing hubby all of us were happy and thrilled. We were brought to the hotel – Lemon Tree Hotel where everywhere smells lemon and wall painted lemon colors!

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