Friday, 15 October 2010

Sayonara India

Seven days I am in India, all I could say it is a tremendous experience I had. The people here are so nice and welcome. The foods.. hmmm… needless to say.. it’s always finger licking good to me!

Seven days also I and my children spent time with hubby 24/7. This evening all of us will leave India. Hubby will be going to Oman and me back to Malaysia.

I am sure besides hubby, the children would also miss the time we had here. The morning breakfast we had at the hotel, the morning greets that we had from the people in the hotel and also the ‘auto’ or trishaw that they love to ride.

Every morning when I woke up and pulled the curtain, from the hotel view I could see the setinggan house down there. I also could see many many people carrying a bottle of mineral water finding spots for their ‘busines’. There is a large compound at the opposite of the hotel. I could see all of them squads at different spots in the bush. Nampak kepala and kaler baju je ok… :P

Along my journey at any time, seeing people standing and pee by the roadside is a norm thing here. At first menjerit2 nengok.. After that tak heran dah.. I even tertengok a guy was squatting nak berak tepi jalan.. cit.. immediately I asked the children to turn and not to look at it!

My shoes were always dusty. Walking on the street here was sometimes adventurous too. Takut terpijak hasil2 mereka waktu pagi tu… Along the streets either in the town itself – New Delhi or small regions that we passed by going to Agra, we could see many setinggan house. This setinggan houses are build using any unwanted plastics or banner. They cook, eat and sleep there.

The whole India is dirty as the roads here always full with rubbish and dusty. I wonder where is the place or area that I watched in any of hindi movies. I feel pity and sorry looking at the people here. There are of course rich people here but the poor people here are just so poor. The country is so big with high populations of people. This is where you should have a good leader to lead the people.

Nevertheless… the beauty and modern of India could also be found here. The shopping malls here who of course for the rich and famous sell many international brands in market. I still could find clean toilets, good hotels and restaurants in here. This is of course for the people who have money.

Anyway, being in India is truly an experience. I have a mixture of feelings now – HAPPY spending time here with hubby and just can’t wait to be home but at the same time SAD as hubby is not following us back to Malaysia.

May I arrive home safely and hubby reaches Muscat safely too. Sayonara Delhi. Sayonara India.

No matter what, I’m still a big fan of bollywood movies!!

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