Saturday, 9 October 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well.. Not on a jet actually.. Just Air Asia as 'everybody can fly' :). I and my two little kids - nabila, hakeem are leaving for India. We are visiting hubby in Delhi.

The airport as usual crowded with loads of people. Luckily I've checked in thru web, so just dropped the bag. Later on had our quick lunch and we are already in the waiting hall.

Our flight is scheduled to depart at 16:00 and arrive in Delhi at 19:10 (Delhi time). Hubby will be meeting us at the airport.

This is actually my first time travel with my two little kids without hubby or my elder daughter. They are now 8 and 7 years old and probably not much hassle as I don't have to carry milk or stroller.

But still I am worried especially Hakeem. I am afraid he will sleep and doesn't want to get up which he normally does. He will expect people to carry him.
As for Nabila, I am very sure not to have any problem with her. She looks so grown up today carrying her back pack and always tag along with me just to make sure we are together.

However both of them are so very excited and just can't wait to see their dad. Wait till they see the country!

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Rina NAR said...

wa syoknya....pls update more stories when u r there!!! have a blast holiday Kak intan! nk souvenir hahah *kidding!!!*