Monday, 11 October 2010

The Adventurous Day

Moving around in Delhi is not a big problem. There are always many public transports around to choose. Either you want to take it or not… On the first day on our outing we took Metro (lrt) the latest proud transportation in here. If I were to ask the reception of the hotel how do I go to a particular place, they would always suggest me to take Metro.

Besides that, my children’s favorite is auto rickshaw. It is a three wheels vehicle that looks so cute with a steering like a toy’s car. We rode a few times and really enjoyed it. In Thailand they have a bigger version called Tut-Tut.

Another favorite one would also be a trishaw. We took the trishaw from our hotel to the nearest Metro station. Huh… mmg kesian giler.. I really felt guilty looking at the mid age man struggling cycling as this is what they do to earn money. We gave him 200rp (RM13) which was quite wholesome of amount as we were not sure how much it was suppose to be.

Communications are always the problem as these kinds of people mostly don’t speak English. After we took our first ride on an auto, then we knew more or less what the fare was like. As for the auto we just paid around 50-100rp which definitely less than RM10. Huh.. mmg raya sakan ah pakcik beca tu dapat 200rp. Takpe… niat sedekah…

Since that Hakeem and Nabila always wants to take either auto or trishaw on our outing. Today is a working day for hubby so I took the kids out. We certainly took auto. I wanted to go to a place called Galleria (after browsing in the internet – gempaq giler) but sadly indah khabar dari rupa. It was just a rectangle row of shops – mostly electrical which not at all where I wanted to be.

From there I went to M.G Road (kira mcm jalan bukit bintang lah…) which has rows of Malls. I have no idea how far from Galleria to M.G Road and there were no auto available at that time. Mostly autos that passed by were full with people. With no choice we took trishaw and he sent us to the nearest Metro station.

From there we took auto to go to M.G Road. God.. this driver didn’t know or probably understand where we wanted to go just took us round and round until I have to stop him and asked whether he knows the way. How do I talk to him? – english + hindi + tamil + sign language… hahhahahahhaa.. but at the end he understood where we wanted to go!

Finally we reached at the M.G Road. Well.. I saw probably five or six Malls along the road but after the third Mall we went in, we decided to go back to the hotel. The Mall was like an empty dead place which has a few shops opened and wonders who actually go there. These were kind of Malls probably with a different kinds of crowd compare to the one I went last Sunday.

Malls over here are for the rich Indian people. On Sunday if at our place, the malls and shopping areas are always crowded with people – local people I mean. But here.. it was different especially on the weekdays. As for the auto and trishaw… memang untuk orang2 miskin dan kurang berkemampuan je. When I was on the auto boiling hot sitting stuck in the jam, I saw cars left and right of me were looking at me probably wonder what on earth of me doing sitting on that auto in the middle of a hot day.

Kesedaran dan keinsafan yang cukup tinggi timbul.. how my life is much better than others. How my country is definitely better than others. And how bless I am to have a life I have now.

Apart from all of these, people over here are very nice and welcome to outsiders. They always smile to us and jump to help at any time if we ask to. I feel safe to go around (though dah sesat masa naik auto) despite the stories that we heard about terrorist or gunfire in here. Well.. I have a few days more to explore.

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