Monday, 20 May 2013

When The Internet Connection Gets Disrupted...

This back few days, the Internet line connection at my home is so slow and sometimes it can’t be connected at all. We are all very upset about it! All my virtual activities were distracted because of this Internet line problems. Yeah.. it is a MAJOR issue!

There are two giant Telco companies here that provide the Internet service. Previously we used provider from Nawras that use the wireless modem concept. Unfortunately the signal was not that strong in our area. We tried all around the house - near the window or door and still the connection was poor.

We then changed to Omantel. This is the pioneer Telco Company and claimed to be the best in the Sultanate. We use the ADSL modem, which suppose to be faster, reliable and stable. In the few months all of us were so happy as the line was fast except over the weekend. On the weekend the line seems to be slow and heavy. We assumed everybody in the Sultanate were hook up to the Internet downloading movies!

After awhile, the performance of the line seems to drop down. We intermittently facing slow connection and sometimes couldn’t connect at all. The climax was a week ago that make me calling the Omantel Customer Care Centre.  

As expected, the “Customer Care Centre” seems not to be bothered or care about the customer’s problem. It was really getting to my nerve talking to them. The person that I called was trying to be smart by making me sounds stupid. He always interrupted at every line I said before I finished it. His favorite word – “You listen to me…”

Well.. after a few times he ordered me to listen to him, I raised my voice to make him listen to me. I told him, I am his customer and he should listen to me. Listen to my problems and listen to my explanation till I am done. It is very rude to cut or interrupt my lines before you know what I wanted to tell about.

My shooting point to him – our conversation is being recorded and you better be talking nice to me. After 10minutes having heated conversation with him, his answer was “I will pass this matter to the technical person and they will get back to me”

Huh.. that’s it? When you were trying to sounds smart by asking me lots of questions but at the end you just pass the matter to someone else – what a waste of my time. The following day, there is a person called my husband saying that the technical person will come to our home to check on this matter and till now none of them even call or come.

It is so frustrating. The after sales customer service here in Oman are so bad and not professional at all. They implemented many customer service Call Centre but not many really imply on what they are doing. I am not sure whether the people who work at the Call Centre are not being trained well or it is just a normal thing here.

Meanwhile.. I just have to survive with whatever Internet connections that I have for now.

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