Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Me & Myself

There is a time when I just feel too lazy to do anything. For example, getting up from my bed, which I know I have no choice but have to do so. Or else who is going to prepare all the breakfast and lunch pack for my children?

Once I managed to get up and get ready, I now feel like not going out to send the kids to school. Oh dear.. feel so lazy to do that.

The major thing is that I have to go to the gym! I wish that somebody could just drag me there!

I sometimes have conflicts with myself. To start doing things that are beneficial to me are not that easy like going to the gym, sewing/crafting new projects, blogging and more..

I have to keep telling myself why and why do I have to do all this.

Sometimes I will argue beneath myself. The 'bad' side of me that always says NO sometimes manages to convince me but after while... the regret comes.

Then I will keep saying... owh.. I wish I should have done this and this and that.

Well who to blame? Age factor? Weather? Life crisis? Hahahha

I guess.. it is just me. It is just me between me and myself.

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