Thursday, 9 May 2013

New Blogger In Town

Oh dear.. when was the last time I conducted training? It was probably 13 years ago! Yesterday, after so long I was back to this business. I conducted training on “How To Create A Blog” to the Malaysian Perwakilan Muscat ladies.

A couple of weeks before the training, I’ve started preparing the training materials and did some revision and research on the course. I was really looking forward to and excited about this and just can’t wait to share the knowledge that I have with my friends here.

Alhamdullilah… our training went well yesterday. All my ‘students’ were thrilled to have their own blog. The idea of having this training is actually to expose to our ladies here on blogging. Besides understanding blogging, they can also fill up their time by sharing with the world of what they are going through day in day out.

Most of our ladies were career women before they resigned to follow their husbands here. It would be a waste not to apply and virtually share their expertise and skills with others. One of the best ways is thru blogging.

We already have a few well-known Malaysian lady bloggers here like “Truly Amy” and “Surirumah Efektif” and now we are gonna have more to follow suit.

Well.. here I am introducing the “newborn” blogs of our ladies..
Well done to all of you that attended the training yesterday. I am so proud that all of you have taken one step further to enhance the skills that you have. Keep blogging and trust me, it will be worth, especially now that you could at least genuinely express what you want without worrying others will actually listen to you!

Thanks to Dr Liza who initiated the idea of this training, Amy who were assisting me and not to forget Datin Dr Musrifah for the endless support on everything that we do. I humbly thank all of you for trusting me to share my experience and the little knowledge that I have.

To all Muscatians out there.. please do support and enjoy reading our friend’s blogs.

p/s: akak2 kat sini bukan hanya terror masak dan duk hantar anak ke sekolah je tau.. now dah pandai “berblogging” juga… caya lah!


Anonymous said...

wah...macam cikgu bedah....

Warna Warni Kehidupan said...

Thumbs up Intan..

Anonymous said...

Very proud of you! I'm sure you are feeling alive again. Sharing and giving is a great gift, not just the receiver but the giver.