Friday, 3 May 2013

Market Day at Matrah Fish Market

This morning I went to the Matrah Wet Market. It is one of my favourite places here in Muscat. I don’t know why.. but I love to go to the fish market. Probably dah tua kut.. hehehe..

I arrived around 8.30am and as expected it was a bit crowded as it was weekend. The weekend is the best time to come here. You could get more variety fish but the price will normally bit expensive. There will no price haggles at all. The sellers would not entertain you. Take it or leave it.

I bought a few types of fish. I just went crazy seeing all those fresh fish. In my house, I am the only one that eats fish. My children and hubby don’t really like fish. They are very choosy and only eat certain types of fish.

I wanted to buy fish to make laksa but the price was killing me. They sell two pieces for 1riyal. Huh.. gila! So postpone jap nak buat laksa.

Today I cooked special lunch for my family. Masak lemak cili api ketam, fried fish and chicken, kangkung goreng sambal belacan. Nyaammm… I already line up my cooking menu for the whole week!

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