Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Arabian Morning

This morning, The Malaysian Perwakilan Muscat held the Arabian morning in conjunction of Mother’s day and also the farewell to the Petronas ladies and Puan Saloma.

I arrived in my so-called Arabian dress. It was not hard to find one since I live here so I had quite number of abaya and jalabiya to match the theme.

The events started with the henna competition and speeches to bid farewell for those who are leaving Oman.

The room has been decorated with a very lovely Arabian theme and I could smell the local Arabs incense everywhere.

I love and will try to go to any event organized by the committee. This is the best time where I could meet some of my Malaysian friends. We chat and talk catching up on the latest gossip! Hahaha..

The best thing that happened today was that I won in the tapioca desert competition. The winner will get to represent Malaysia at the Brunei Embassy for the Asean committee.

I was so thrilled and excited and can’t believe that my desert has been chosen, as it was a last minute recipe that I made last night! Yeehaaaa…

Beside this good news, I also enjoyed the scrumptious home made mee kari and the must photo session with girl friends. Enjoy the pics guys..

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