Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Justin Bieber Vs Shahrukh Khan

When people of the Sultanate of Oman received the news that Justin Bieber is coming to town to perform concert, first reaction was  - this couldn’t be true??? We hardly have big name performing concert here. Oh well.. not to me maybe but we do have superstars singers like Shontelle, Akon, The Script, Jay Sean and a few that I hardly know or heard.

All the singers that came to Oman performed their concert at the Intercontinental Hotel, yes.. in the hotel compound which has the size probably a bit bigger than the tennis court. Every time when there is a singer coming to Oman, I would always hear how tough the HI FM radio DJ pleading for listeners to buy the tickets. The catchy tagline “get your ticket now before it sold out” will be continued even till the day of the concert. You can even buy ticket from the door entrance before the concert starts.

So when Justin Bieber was announce to come to the country, the radio DJ continuously promoting him. The concert will be held on 5th May 2013 at the Wattayah Stadium and definitely the organizer is expecting a BIG crowd. The announcement was made sometime in February and sales of the tickets started after that. Sadly in mid April we received news that Justin Bieber’s concert was cancelled. Yes.. CANCELLED means he is not coming to Oman.

Rumors were going around with lots of reason of why the concert was cancelled. One of the reasons were that Bieber was TOO SEXY for the people over here. It would corrupt the women if he comes here and various threats had been issued. Hahahaa.. Oops.. sorry that I laughed but please… it is hard for me to believe this. Not because Bieber is not sexy.. but this is really insulting us the ‘women’ here. It is regardless whether the local or expat woman but hello… we are not that desperate to claim Bieber to fulfill our lust!

Another story that I got was from one of the journal article :

Y Magazine visited Muscat Grand Mall on the first day of sales on April 2 but found just a trickle of people buying tickets, rather than the hoards expected. Two event security guards brought in to control potential crowds found themselves largely superfluous with nothing to do. Ticket sellers sat fiddling with their smart phones to stave off boredom as disinterested shoppers wandered past. “It wasn’t the huge rush we were expecting,” admitted Green. “The school holidays haven’t helped as a lot of students are away.

This is more believable. The truth was because the ticket sales were too slow. To all the people who had bought the tickets, they have options to get the full refund or use the ticket to watch Bieber in Dubai instead. Sorry Bieber.. we are not that so belieber to have you here..

On the other hand the superstar Bollywood Sharukh Khan had succeeded coming here on the 13th February 2013. The tickets sold as expensive from RO500 and around 4,500 people came. Though King Khan cannot sing but his appearance on dancing and miming around the stage would be enough to thrill and excite everybody here.

I love SRK. I am his die-hard fan since I was young. I am also a fan of Justin Bieber. I look at Bieber as a talented singer and he is so damn cute and adorable but sexy – hmm… I would say Khan.. when he dances, he would smoothly moving around that at anytime will melt lady’s heart!

Mau ternganga mulut bila nengok.. peewiittt..

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