Monday, 13 May 2013

My Father.. My Hero..

My father turns 70 years old today. Alhamdullilah at this age he is still healthy and doesn’t have any critical illness so far. He can still drive long distance though his eyesight is not that superb. He can still play golf though he always complains he hurts his arms. He can still wake up in the middle of the night to perform solat tahajud though he always moans of having sleepless night.

The last time I met my father was a month ago. On the day he picked me up at the airport, I saw him walking towards me and I felt like crying at that time. He looked so skinny and has lost so much weight. Though he was happy to see his grandchildren and me, his face still showed the worriedness and I don’t like to see him like that.

My father always likes to worry on small little things that I feel unnecessary for him to. He sometimes tends to be forgetful. He keeps repeating the same lines of conversation even tough we just talk about it minutes ago. He sometime wakes up in the middle of the night knocking my room just to make sure my children and I are sound and save.    

When I was small, I always vision my father as my armor. He is a strong man that will always come to rescue me whenever I am in trouble. He will always be around to protect me.

I know I shouldn’t say this but it really hurts me to see my father getting older and weaker. He occasionally stumbles because of his unsteady walk. His hands sometime tremble when he is holding something. He sometime tends to forget what he wants to say even during the heat of conversation. And what concerns me the most is that he always worries about all the unnecessary things.

My father that I know since I was small is a happy and cheerful person. He always has something to make us laughs. He is a very strict father but at the same time a loving person. He is an organized person and is always punctual and honors his promise. Ask everybody that knows him, they will tell the same thing. My handsome macho strong father!

I know he is old now.. that what people is always saying to comfort me. As we are getting old.. we are getting weaker.. and yes.. physically and mentally. That is the fact that I can’t deny. All I want is just to see my father happy. I know if he is happy, it shows on his face. I want him to have a clear mind and treasure his time cheerfully and do what he likes like golfing, meeting friends and his surau activities.

Ayah.. I will always pray that Allah will grant you a long life and good health. I pray that you will always be safe and be protected from any bad things. On this special day, I wish that I could be with you. I wish I could treat you with something special today.

Happy birthday to my dearly father, Ayah. I miss you so much. I love you and you are still my hero.

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