Sunday, 16 September 2007

The story of the Freezer

I always wanted to have a freezer at home. When we first moved to Oman, we lived in a small 2 bedrooms apartment. We moved again after a year to a bigger house with 3 bedrooms apartment. And finally, moved again to a landed house – just because to have a compound n area for the kids to play outdoor.

So u can imagine started with a small house, surely with a small fridge. Every time when we went out for groceries, we normally buy foods for the whole week stock. That does not include all the ‘extra’ food for the kids – chocolate, ice cream, cheese, etc… I tried to squeeze in everything nicely in the fridge.

Now about the freezer… My top fridge freezer is not just for my fish n chicken. It is also for the supply that I brought back every year from Malaysia – daun kesum, bunga kantan, petai, ikan masin, daun pandan, daun kunyit, etc…. And after decided n plus minus all the consequences, we agree that we do need another freezer.

After window shopping around at a few shops I ended up bought the freezer from Lulu Hypermarket (the biggest in Muscat, like Giant). Now.. the most annoying, irritating n maddening moment is the delivery process! They promised u today but they didn’t turn up n even call. We have to call them arguing n begging for the delivery. And it seems normal over here because every shops n even government agencies does that!

So after a few arguments we finally got it. But unfortunately the one that they delivered was dented. We insisted them to take it back n change to a new one. And here we go again, waiting n waiting for the replacement. After 3 days, a week, 2 weeks… still same reasons n excuses. It really got on my nerves. I straight away drove to the shop n asked my money back. And Yes! I got it..

That’s how I end up not having a freezer n the desire to have that has gone. Until last night, my friend Umi called me telling that our Bruneian friend, Layla wanted to sell her freezer (she’s moving back to UK). Well.. I was thinking, why not give a look at it.

This morning, I am the happiest person in the world. I got a freezer.. yeah… it is still good n I got it only for RO20.

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Anonymous said...

yaaaa... I heard that you just got your dream came true... a freezer..!!! but anyhow, please look for a colour TV or fridge for me...