Thursday, 27 September 2007

Anyone for cendol?

Yesterday had been my extremely busy day. I and my three dearest friends had ventured a ‘big’ project. We made cendol! Yes. Believe it or not.. we had succeeded with a full big basin of cendol.

Now I know how hard it is to make cendol. At first we thought that we gonna fail as a few trial it turned up not as cendol but as watery jelly. But we didn’t give up. After a few trial n error n more patience we finally did it! Well maybe not as good as the one u can find in Malaysian market but kira ok lah kat Muscat ni..

At the same time we made kuih cara. We spend hours in the morning to make these two super delicious Malay delicacies. So yesterday was our best iftar.. ala-ala kedai mamak gitu.. We had kuetiaw kerang with my special cili jeruk n cendol, kuih cara for our desserts. Doesn’t that a good combination? Ehem…. nyam nyam..


Anonymous said...

Perghhh mamat latino mana plak sesat kat sini nih...? hehehe

Sungguh menggiurkan cendol dan cara itu, macam2 la projek hang ni kaklong! hehehe

NutMean said...

Selepas kuetiaw muncul pulak cendol...Sudah ada peningkatan....bersungguh & gigih sekali...Tahniah..!!!...lepas nii bleh laaa bukak company-Intan Food Industries Sdn. Bhd...x payah kalut nk beli kat Malaysia siap2 dah....hahahaha...

pickholes said...

tak da la kena excess luggage bila balik kampong..

Miss Ierdamonicious said...

hai akak,my name is ieda from ncl,uk
akak,mcm mana nak wat kuih cara yg betul,hari tu saya bwat xjadi la
mcm xcukup cara je,ok,thanks