Saturday, 15 September 2007

Gerthy the giraffe

My daughter Nabila has been selected by her teacher to bring back a giraffe named Gerthy over the weekend. Gerthy is a giraffe that has one eye n sore neck. She needs to be cuddled all the time. In fact Nabila was the first student that brought back the giraffe.

She indeed is so happy n never want to be separated from Gerthy. Everywhere she goes, Gerthy will always be with her. She is now in Reception class n so very excited about her new teacher n classroom. She has improved a lot in her reading n writing.

Now at home she will imitate whatever happened at school n did that to her brother. She is the teacher n poor Hakeem has always to follow whatever the big boss said. We do really enjoy looking at both of them.

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vougEBratzy said...
pandainyee berlakun...hehehe
kem slm sket kat die..hehe