Saturday, 8 September 2007

Piala Malaysia 2007

I am not really a football fans. But when I got to know that Kedah is in final, I am so very excited. I still remember very long time ago, when Kedah first time got into final (I was in form 5 that time) and they won, the whole Kedah was full of glory n people were non-stop talking about that.

Almost every part of buildings, roadside or even trees were painted with their colors - hijau kuning. You can see the whole town full in green n yellow. The color of glory.

And now again tonight, Kedah will play against Perak. I hope they will win tonight n I know they will. Pulun Kedah Pulun..

p/s: my brothers are now in Bukit Jalil watching the game.

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opals said...

and kedah won with full of glory