Monday, 24 September 2007

A Protective n Bossy Sister

Last night I brought Hakeem to the clinic. He had a medicine – that has to be dropped into his nose every night before go to sleep. So last night was a tough time for us to put that in his nose. He struggled n kicked everybody around him who tried to hold him. That drama was really came to interest to my daughter, Nabila (who actually trying to help us too).

This morning 6.45am before go to school

Me : Hakeem.. u look fine today. You don’t have stuffy nose last night because Ayah put u that medicine.

Hakeem : Yes, I feel better.

Me: So tonight, u don’t cry when we put that medicine to u, ok?

Nabila : Hakeem, remember last night when Ayah trying to put that medicine into your nose n u cried? Tonight u don’t cry ok, coz I will hold ur hand. I will read a dora book for u. Ok Hakeem?

Hakeem : Ok kakak..

Afternoon 1.15 after having lunch

Hakeem : Mohammad is a bad guy. Just now he slapped my face.

Nabila : Are u sure Hakeem? Now u tell me.. r u telling lies or the truth? U better not lie..

Hakeem : Yes.. Mohammad slapped me at my face (showing his cheek to kakak)

Nabila : Let me see. Does it hurt u? Well.. next time Hakeem, when somebody hit u, u must tell ur teacher. What did u do just now?

Hakeem : I cried n tell Miss Debbie.

Nabila : Good Hakeem. Next time u must tell ur teacher if ur friends hit u. U must not cry. U are a strong boy.

Hakeem : Miss Debbie angry at Mohammad n put him at the thinking chair.


vougEBratzy said...

ala...comey nyee....
mmg panday la adik2 kaklong nih...

NutMean said...

Tak cukup lagi training Hakeem kat Malaysia bersama cousin2 year balik kena bagi training lama sket dengan Alif,Aiman,Dinie & Yana...kalau Hakeem training dah cukup...sure Muhamammad kena punyaa...hehehehe....

voguemom said...

tu lah pasal. kat rumah suma aksi ninja turtle n power rangers keluar. kat skul, tak nak show off lagi. :)