Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Experimenting Kuih Tradisional

I love to eat kuih melayu tradisional. Every time when I go back to Alor Setar I always make an attempt to buy lots kind of kuih. Especially kat simpang PKNK n Jalan Day.. It’s so delicious. Now when I am away, especially during Ramadhan I always miss those kuih. I miss Pasar Ramadhan. We can buy lots of colourful kuih.. Just to filled up your table.. nafsu tu sebenarnya!

This is why I started to learn how to make kuih melayu. It’s not easy though u have all the recipes. I bought all kind of recipes books, asking n begging recipes around from friends n digging the recipes from the internet, but still that can’t guarantee your kuih will turn out perfectly.

Yesterday I had tried to make kuih talam pandan. I love to eat all sorts of kuih talam n bengkang. I took the easiest recipe which only use the ingredients that easy to get here in Oman. It is a 2 layer kuih that you have to steam layer by layer. In the morning, I had prepared n mixed all the ingredients. By the afternoon after taking kids from school I started to cook n steam the bottom layer.

After 20 minutes, yeehaahh… it turned out perfectly. Now the top layer, I waited until 30 minutes.. but the top layer is still not firmed. I asked my hubby to help me to carry out the top steam pot as I wanted to fill up the water. You know what happen? He spilled out part of the top layer! Arghhhh.. and it spilled over his pants. He grumbled n complained about that. I don’t care man.. it’s my kuih that u had spilled out! That is more important in my life (well at that moment).

Deep in my heart I know that my kuih tak menjadi again. So what I did after 20 minutes later, I took out the kuih n scrapped out the top layer which was still not firmed n settled. I can see that partly of it was already firm. I just leave it cool for 1-2 hours.

And alhamdullillah.. When I cut it, it's miracle that it turned out perfectly. I don’t know how n why.. Maybe I should wait a little bit more longer or maybe I have mix the wrong ingredients or maybe just because my hubby had spilled out the top layer :P.

My next mission is to make kuih lapis. I had successfully making a few kuih like lopes, seri muka, bengkang ubi, talam ubi, kuih bakar, n onde-onde and I will never give up making others. Will never give up!

p/s: Boy.. menjadi kuih aku..


Anonymous said...

mmm..masa tumpah tu abang ada baca sikit, tu yang menjadi tuu...

hubby :p

NutMean said...

Akhirnya jadi jugak Kueh Talam hang...best in Muscat & some say Salalah...

Q said...

aunty intan ni suke je teasing all this makanan2 malaysia yg sodap sodap. nanti nak try buat jugak lah. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Apsal ijau dia lain macam je....hehehehe