Thursday, 6 September 2007

Road to Mawaleh

Today my family, Haji, Prof n Nazri had a great lunch at this Yemen's restaurant. The mouth watering delicious nasi briyani with chicken, meet n fish that are cooked in a very traditional way.

It is located at Mawaleh, about 20kms from our place. We had tried a few Arab/local briyani rice and so far this is the best. This restaurant is always pack after 1pm, and sometimes you have to que up for the sitting room.

Over here in Oman in this kind of restaurant, you eat by sitting down on the floor. They will serve the rice in a big tray that u are suppose to share with others. But you can always ask for the individual plate.

It's worth driving all the way there as the food was so finger licking good!. Final weekend briyani before ramadhan..

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