Thursday, 13 September 2007

Acar buah

Mission accomplished! Finally I have managed to cook my acar buah. This is our 'a must' food tradition for our family during ramadhan (my hubby just love it soooo much). I've first learned to make this from my arwah mama, but her acar buah was just super delicious.

Last night I have managed to make quite full amount of acar buah (mcm nak berniaga pulak!) I guess it is more than enough for our family to eat it during sahur n give away to some of our friends.

Tonight we had sahur eating our acar buah.. nyam.. nyam..


Q said...

rindunya acar buah... send sikit kat sini boleh tak? hahaha.

voguemom said...

ish.. kalau boleh.. aunty kirim dah. nanti kang tak sampai, habis dibedal omputih tu suma!! :)

Anonymous said...

the best acar buah in Muscat, some say in Salalah, some part of Yeman and UAE too..!!