Friday, 28 September 2007

Prayers from us

Ramadhan has always been the month that every muslim in the world waiting for. It’s a special month for us n followed by the celebration of eid. Many unfortunate incidents do happen during this holly month though some of us try hard to avoid it. Accidents, lost of people that we love, divorced n a lot more.

We have one close family friend (Proffessor Iskandar & family) that we knew since they moved to Oman n now has moved again to Al-Ain, UAE 2 months ago. We got the news that Prof has been admitted to hospital since 3 weeks ago. He had undergone three operations n now still in the recovery stage.

I still remembered during the last ramadhan when they are still here, his wife – Proffessor Jamaliah had her 2nd stroke. Now ‘kakak prof’ is still in the recovery process. She does looks healthy n eating well except that she can’t talk n walk. She’s on the wheel chair.

I can feel and imagine the feelings n situations that the whole family has to go thru. Luckily they have four sons that they can rely on. I have seen how those four brothers especially Udik n Uci really did a good job taking care of their mom n now their dad.

I pray to Allah n wish that Prof will recover soon n can celebrate the Eid. I also hope that everybody in the family will give support to each other n be very strong. Sesungguhnya segala yang berlaku itu ada hikmahnya.
This picture was taken during our last ramadhan (2006). This was the night before kakak prof (dress in pink) had her scond stroke. Prof is standing behind third from right.

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