Tuesday, 16 August 2011

One Month

Today has been exactly a month I’ve been in Muscat, Oman. We are all settling down well at our new home. Alhamdullilah that everything has went smooth as planned. Half of the month was spent for house hunting and half of the month was settling down and started our Ramadhan. Yup.. today is our 16th day of Ramadhan. Cepat kan...

The weather now has getting better as it’s now towards winter. It’s not that hot anymore and sometimes it’s also windy and breezy. We mostly just stay at home during day time and only go out during night time. My kids sometimes feel bored but at the same time they were all happy hooked up to their laptop.

The school has not started yet. It will be on 5th September after Eid. Many asked why I don’t come after Ramadhan. Well.. first hubby has been here almost a year without us. We also need to find a house as before this he stayed in a small apartment. Then it’s Ramadhan. I don’t think I want hubby or me to be apart again especially at his side. Kesian makan minum dia..

That’s why we came 2 weeks before Ramadhan in hoping to get a house as quickly as we can and settling down fast. So now my kids are having their leisure summer break which almost 7 weeks. As for their school part, more or less we have settled everything. Now they are just waiting for the day to come.

As for me, I’m busy day to day with the house chores. I am glad that I have my maid with me as it helps a lot. Most Malaysians are not here as they went back for the summer holiday and will be back after Eid. So no outing and hanging out with friends yet for me. Am just chilling and hibernating at home.

Nevertheless I am happy here as I have my family with me and looking forward each brand new day.

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