Monday, 15 August 2011

Cooking Skills in Ramadhan

I tend to be creative and adventurous in cooking when staying abroad especially during Ramadhan. I love to cook and also like to try out new dish. Over here there is definitely no Pasar Ramadhan or any shops that you can buy foods or kuih. As usual during Ramadhan ah nafsu nak makan itu ini membuak-buak..

So nak tak nak.. kena ah masak sendiri... Since day one of Ramadhan, i will make sure I have at least one kuih on the table .I started with karipap. Ni dah expert ah.. Pasal dah banyk kali trial and error! Then I made murtabak. I had no problem with the inti tapi nak buat kulit tu.. I know that I can use kulit popia instead tapi nak gak try buat from scratch. Well.. it turned out not bad. Tak ah selembut murtabak mamak tu tapi bole ah makan!!

Then I dig out all the recipes and tried out the one that the ingredients are easy to find here. Well.. some turned out quite buruk – luaran je.. but the taste was not bad at all.

Two days ago I made cucur udang. I took the recepi from one of the blogger – cucur udang tembam. Huh.. memang tembam.. Sekali hadap je habis masa Iftar. I also made bubur kacang durian which I used lempok to add the flavour. Ni me and hubby je yang makan as kids don’t really like it. Yesterday I made roti john... Walllaa... and everybody likes it.

Every morning when I woke from sleep, the first thing that pop up on my mind is “what to cook for today?”. Seriously sometimes dah takde idea.. In this house, they must eat rice for Iftar. So kena ah pelbagaikan lauk pauk..

Hmm.. I think today I want to cook Nasi Lemak with sambal sotong. I plan to give some to our Omani’s neighbour. I wish I have daun pisang so I can make nasi lemak bungkus tu... As for kuih... still thinking..

Cheers everybody and selamat berbuka puasa.


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cucur udang memang sodaapppp.....

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