Thursday, 11 August 2011

Iftar with Guests

Yesterday we invited “orang bujang” for Iftar at our home. It’s our first guests after settling down. The day before I went to the wet market but came home disappointedly as there were not many people selling fish. It’s probably on the weekdays.

So menu kena ubah ah.. I cooked ikan talang masin + nenas masa cili api, ayam goreng berlada, ikan bakar and some ulam with tempoyak and sambal belacan. I also made roti jala and some kuih.

There were ten of “orang bujang” who some wife went home for summer holiday and some were here without family. I was very glad that they really enjoyed the food.

Though our house still looks bare, but importantly our guests still feel comfortable and enjoy the crowd.

Insyaalah probably I and hubby will organize another Iftar during weekend.

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