Thursday, 18 August 2011

NIghtlife in Ramadhan

Nightlife here I mean specifically during Ramadhan is really happening! During the day time the town is very quiet. The restaurants and food shops are closed. The offices only open half day. Most of the Omanis will take leave during this holy month.

The town will only be lively and bustling after Iftar. It’s totally an opposite scenario. We love to go out at night during this month. Nothing much to do or not many places to go, it’s just we normally wondered around and joined the crowd! Orang sebuk shopping raya, we all just sebuk meramaikan orang.. J

The Mall especially, will close at 12am – 1am. Normally after Terawikh the crowd will be more packed. Sometimes when we walked and wondered around, we didn’t realize that the time was 11pm or 12pm. Memang tak terasa.. People are still busying shopping and some even just arrived at that hour.

Well.. that’s the Mall. The restaurant or food shops are also crowded with people. Including us too.. dah makan Iftar still sometimes wants to chill out at the food shops. Be it either shawarma or probably coffee still we want to do it!

During this Ramadhan most of the shops are also having sales. In this month also Omanis like to buy new car! Kereta raya!! It is actually a good deal and the shops normally offered a huge suprise package for buyers. We had experienced before when we bought cars during this month. I still remember when we bought Prado, the whole boot of the car was filled up with the electrical goods.

Some of the electrical goods were still in the box and never being used! This time around we’re lucky as we came at the right time. We recently bought a car and got a free laptop, 500litres petrol, electrical goodies and free service. Good deal right.. And that’s why people here buy new car every year !

Anyway.. not every night we go out. There are not many places to go and we don’t want one of us to start mention the word BORING. We sometimes keep going to the same place over and over again but hey.. you would not believe if I say that we enjoyed every bit of it.

I always believe that sometimes it is not the place that you go but the “crowd” that you are with that make the place more interesting and lively. We have years ahead of us here in Oman so we better make sure that we will live here to the max!!

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