Tuesday, 9 August 2011

As Expected!!

I lived here before and I’m supposed I know this is what to be expected! Well.. I thought after so many years probably things might change but I was wrong. I am talking about when you BUY things here and then when they want to DELIVER the goods, it’s always not as what they promised.

Damn.. memang naik darah jadinya.. My first expecting delivery was bedrooms set and our dining table. It was supposed to be send on the 30th July but it ended up on the 1nd August. It was not just the delivery delayed, but all the furniture here when you buy it comes in loose parts and the people have to install and fix it at your home.

They arrived at 9am and finished at 9pm. Just imagined the whole day they (two workers) were in my home. I saw they were still looking at the manual on how to fix it and sometimes took a break which a few times. Hmm.. mmg ah slow sangat... Even after we finished our Iftar they were still working.

As for my second delivery, came on the promised date but time sesuka hati mereka. This shop has an experience workers so cepat ah sikit kerja.

As for other delivery, my mind had been set for all the consequences that might happen. Currently I am still waiting for the water dispenser delivery since two days ago. I’ve been calling them on and on but the answers are still the same.

Dah ah panas kat sini... and now memang panas with this people. I seriously don’t understand why are these people are not committed with their work. Understood.. I know some locals have this ‘malas’ attitude and takes thing all so lightly but till when?

I wish I could just shout out loud to them – WAKE UP or else you will lose what you are having now. Huh.. lantak ah kan.. what I want now is my WATER delivery!!

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