Saturday, 27 August 2011

Iftar Gathering Again...

I've been quite busy lately. We organized another two Iftar gathering. The first one was from the same group of "orang bujang". It was held last Tuesday just before a day all of them went back for Eid holiday.

For that Iftar, I prepared quite a challenging dishes. Well.. to me actually :) I was stucked in the kitchen since morning till evening. Memang melepek ah.. I cooked gulai tulang, sambal tumis sotong, otak-otak ikan kukus, sayur, sambal belacan. As for dessert I made cucur udang, bubur kacang durian and karipap.

But it was really worth my effort as my guests were totally enjoyed the meal. Memang habis licin..

As for our second guest, it was held two days after that. This was a small family, our close friend. I cooked lemak cili api talang nenas, sayur kangkung, ketam goreng, ikan berlada and sambal tempoyak. As for dish I made cucur udang (again as it was everybody's favourite and perasan mcm dah terror buat ni...) and also kek bakar pisang. This Iftar was more relaxing as I could joined the guests eating.

I guess these would be our last Iftar gathering with guests. Today I've started my baking. Yes! finally I got one kenwood mixer. My first project which is currently in the oven is kek lapis cokelat. I planned to give this to one of our Omani's friend.

Though I only have limited ingredients and items, my kek lapis as for now looks good. Excited ni.. I planned to bake a few more and also biscuits.

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