Monday, 22 August 2011

Esok.. oopps Next Week Hari Raya

In a week time, InsyaAllah our Ramadhan will be end and we are all celebrating Eid. How time flies so fast. Well.. actually I feel this year’s Ramadhan, day by day has gone so fast. It’s probably I am very busy from day one settling the house shifting and daily cooking. Preparing dish and food in this month must always be a special one.

Eid this year will be special for me and my family as after three years parted from hubby we are now be able to celebrate it together. Last year I celebrated Eid at my hometown, Kedah. It has been since eight years that I’ve not celebrated Eid in Kedah. I was really looking forward and excited. Furthermore all my brothers came back too. For the first time too, we had the opportunity to celebrate Eid together.

Since my mom is not around anymore, I did all the cooking for Eid. We had non-stop visitors till evening. I was quite busy on the first day. When it came to night time, I’ve started missing something and someone. Yes.. my husband and my mom.

The next day I felt more miserable. Honestly I felt that the Eid won’t be Eid without my husband. I realized that all of us actually needed to be together to create the happiness and the excitement. I don’t know.. probably I am just getting old or what but nowadays I feel that if I go anywhere without hubby, it won’t be as much fun as it used to be. EXCEPT shopping.. this is to avoid the guiltiness of buying things in front of him!! Hahahahhaa...

Anyway.. this year I have him around. Not just me alone who are looking forward but my children too. We will celebrate our Eid here in Oman. Yup.. here.. and as far as I know, all Malaysians are already went back celebrating their Ramadhan and Eid back in Malaysia. So tinggal kami je lah one family.

We do not feel so left out or mati kutu as I believe and can guarantee that our Eid will still be fun and full with excitement. We already planned what to cook and to go. As others back in Malaysia busying hopping for Raya and balik kampong, we too do the same – except tak balik kampong ah...

Well.. we are all now counting days..

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Anonymous said...

minta izin mengunakan gambar untuk clip lagu raya.

"kehadiranmu syawal". chek kat youtube. terima kasih kak.