Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Number 4 is considered an unlucky number in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese cultures because it is a homonym with the word "death". Due to that many numbered product lines skip the "4" e.g: house & building no, cell phones like Nokia with no series with a 4 and more. Manyak suwei oh.. cina cakap..

Pergh..... scary right? What about the number 44? Could it be double unlucky number?

I turn 44 years old today. Syukur Alhamdullilah sangat2.. I woke up in the morning feeling blessed as I could still see my husband lying beside me and children who were still sound asleep.

At the age of 44, some consider I still look young (perasan sikit), even younger than my age.. and some say that I am consider old - ni budak2 ah cakap.. hehehhee.. Nevertheless I am happy with who I am today and what I have in my life now.

I am a happy woman with a cheerful husband and proud mother of six children. At this age, I've achieved mostly parts of my dreams and wishes. If you ask me - what else do I want in my life? Of course as a normal human being, there are still 'unfinished' matters and never ending wishes and lusts. Hahahaha..

Things that most matter to me now is my children's welfare. As for now I know that they are well taken care of, but what worries me is when I am not around anymore. I always pray and pray that I will still be alive healthy to see all my children finish their studies from University and be able to secure a job.

I also want to always be in a good health to be able to continue doing what I like to do and also treasure my life with hubby till our golden age.

Besides that.. I also want to go and visit more places all around the world and collect more handbags and handbags!!

So if you say number ''44" is an unlucky number - you got it wrong! It is a lucky number to me as I am still able to breath and live my life happily.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have sent their birthday wishes to me. It is so thoughtful and means a lot to me.

"One year older doesn't mean that you are getting old but you are actually a year beautifully matured"

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