Sunday, 8 September 2013

Errrr.... What To Wear Today??

You are in front of your closet, standing there for so long looking at the rows of your hanging clothes and yet you are still thinking that you have no clothes to wear! Have you ever encountered this before? I bet you have.. This is the MAJOR issue for all the women around the world!!

As for myself.. this has always been my problem. I don't know why but it always happen every time when I want to choose a cloth to wear, I always feel that I don't have anything to wear. Could this be one of the SPD Symptoms? Hahahha.. help me!!

I was a 'tomboy' at my young age. My kind of outfit was only jeans and T-shirt. I wear baju kurung (forced by my mom) only during Raya. I feel more comfortable with pants and shirts. I started wearing dress or skirt and had long hair when I was 18years old. It felt so awkward at first but after a while I tend to like it as it made me look more feminine.

When I finished my college and started working, I learned to dress up and started buying clothes to fill up my wardrobe. Having money on your own, buying clothes has never been a problem. The problem was only "What to wear for today?"

It is an endless problem till now. I sometimes also purposely burst my purse just to get a new cloth on certain occasion. It is like I don't have any cloth to wear right?? !! But seriously... it always feels like I don't have clothes to wear.

I buy clothes whenever I feel I want to or on certain special occasion. There are still few clothes hanging in my closet that still not worn yet. I know this not good but trust me.. I am trying my best to stop this kind of craziness.

I do sometimes feel guilty when cleaning up my wardrobe, I have to get rid some of the clothes that I feel not suitable to me anymore, out of fashion or maybe because I just don't like it. Well.. the 'guiltiness' would only last till I buy another new cloth!

Once if I stop thinking of "What to wear today?" and feel that I have lots of cloth to wear... my problem solved!!

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