Monday, 23 September 2013

Mangkuk Sia Service

The 'mangkuk sia' (pronounced with that distinctive nasal see-'ah) also known as 'mangkuk tingkat' or maybe the more glamorous sounding way 'tiffin carrier' was so famous during those days. The original one known to be made from rattan and it has improved slowly to aluminium and plastic.

This reliable and very practical food container is vertically stacked up in several levels and held together by a bracket; it was the most convenient meal transporter during Ramadhan, picnics or even Eid cake/food-exchange frenzy.

Here in Oman, this aluminium mangkuk tingkat are so famous here as mostly Indian general workers carry them to work. In India the tiffin carrier business are well known and widely used to deliver hot lunches packed to office-workers. It is also famous back in my country Malaysia as I see currently delivery food service to the office or home are in the business.

I have two sets of this tiffin carrier that I always use for our picnic sessions. Recently a friend of mine has asked for a favour to prepare lunch for her 5 children as she is currently not feeling well. I have to prepare two types of dishes daily and send them to her house at noon.

This 'assignment' that I received thrilled me as I was excited every day cooking and putting the food in this 'mangkuk sia' then delivering to her house. I also sometimes put cakes, bread or any dessert that I have cooked at home to fill up the entire container.

The difficult part is that sometimes I found was 'what to cook for today?' I do sometimes have this problem to cook for my family and what else for people who rely on me! Pening.. pening.. furthermore if it is for the children. Well.. it might sound easy but I would not want to prepare a simple cincai meal.

I took this as a challenge.. hahahha... I just needed to be a little bit creative to come out with a different kind of food and flavour. My 'service' just ended last Thursday. Though it was only 11 days, it was an experience to me.

My husband, relatives or friends always encourage me to venture into a restaurant, bakery or caterer business. I always hesitate and decline as I know that it takes a huge responsibility and time. I wouldn't want to have a restaurant to be run by somebody else which that means I have to be there all the time. Will I be able to do that? The answer is NO..

Let me just swallow what is just enough for my tummy. I cannot be greedy and think that I can do everything all by myself. I like the way I am doing now. I cook, bake and deliver food as when people want. I am doing it from my home at my own leisure. In this way I could deliver and provide more quality service.

No pressure and service with love and smile!

p/s: by the way the pic above is just the scenario of food delivery during those days. I deliver my 'mangkuk sia' in a style which is by car. Ting tong the bell at the big villa and taraaa.. the food is delivered! hehehhee..

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