Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sharing Is Caring

It was not just me but those who were close to me were worried and concerned  whether I could cope with my new life on the day when I became a full time home maker. AGAIN I would say, I am blessed and have no regrets as I am be able to take care of my children and my home, but most importantly do what my heart desires.

I have 'ventured' my life into being a 'chef', 'interior designer', 'fashion designer', 'bag, quilt designer', 'mountain biker' and more that I wouldn't have ever done in my life.

When I was in Miri Sarawak, I joined the PETRONITA (The wives and women staffs of association PETRONAS). I was chosen to handle the Education Biro. My function is to organise training, courses and activities for the PETRONITA members and children. It was something that I used to do during my career time and I found out that I enjoyed it. I gave myself all out to all Biro projects to be able to contribute something that may benefit to others.

Here in Oman, I am also the member of the Perwakilan Muscat (An association of Malaysian ladies living in Oman). I am in charge of the Media & Information Biro. My function is to compile all the activities that related to any event by Perwakilan Muscat or Malaysia Embassy. We are using FB and blog as the medium of information.

A couple of days ago, The Ambassador of Malaysia to Sultanate of Oman, His Excellency Dato' Rustam Yahya has officially launched the blog of Perwakilan Muscat. Well.. ehem.. by the way the blog was created by me. I and my friend Amy, who is the expert in writing, runs this 'show' to materialise it. 

Basically, we just have to update the blog with the latest news in town and also act like a 'paparazzi' hunting for a juicy piece of story to spice up the blog! Hahahha.. I could see us like someone from CNN, BERNAMA or maybe could be from MELODI! 

The event was successful to the Perwakilan Muscat as this is claimed to be the first one to have and to be officially launched within Wisma Putra, Malaysia.

I am so proud of myself. Proud in a way that I can contribute something beneficial to everybody. I don't call myself an expert or IT savvy as I have left quite number of years in this skills but I too, don't let myself drown by continuously learning and updating myself with the latest updates. 

With the little knowledge and experience that I have, there is no harm to share it with others. After all I like and enjoy doing it and that is all what matters.

There is a quote saying "Whatever we posses becomes of double value when we have the oppurtunity of sharing it with others"

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