Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The "New" Hakeem

My dearest Hakeem is a few months away before he reach 11 years old. A month ago, I noticed that he has changed a lot. It is just not me but some of our friends and relatives notice it too.

There was at time when I brought Hakeem to visit the optometrist and the Optician said that Hakeem was not the quiet and timid boy that he met six months ago. I noticed that too as he always answered and asked lots of challenging questions to the Optician. I thought it was probably because he was so hyper and excited as we had his friends there too.

Hakeem is also more confident and sure in whatever he wants to do and say. Recently when he started his school, it is more obvious the 'new' Hakeem that I see.

Every time as usual when I fetch he and Nabila from school, they were rushing with each other to tell me about what's going on at school. Hakeem always got the first one to tell as he would loudly cut off Nabila's conversation if he feels that Nabila wanted to tell first.

He proudly told me that he didn't just volunteer but also got selected by the teacher to represent his sports team to record the house point. Everybody in the class claps their hands when he got selected. I could feel and see Hakeem proud excitement thru his face when he told me that.

Two days ago Hakeem told me that he got appointed as a student counsellor for his class. Wow.. this is really a major achievement for Hakeem and I am really proud of him. He would represent his class to bring and voice out any issues in the Primary Counsellor meeting. This is where my 'new' Hakeem will show his skill in his brilliant ideas and conversations.

It is not just the Hakeem's achievements in school but he is also quite bit challenging for me to talk to nowadays. If I were to comment something that he feels like I was downgrading him, he would say "Mommy.. I am not a small boy anymore. I am in Year 5 now and I know what I am doing" He would also sometimes challenge me with his arguments and ideas.

Oh dear Hakeem.. this grown up version of you that I have been longing to see is finally happening. You are now so matured and confident in whatever you want to do and say. You have your own opinions and principles. As a mother I am so proud to see you.

BUT on the other hand... I am actually scared!! I want my baby Hakeem back. Now he still allows me to cuddle and kiss him anytime I want except in public. I hope he won't change his mind and tell me to stop doing that! Mommy loves you Hakeem and so proud of you.

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