Wednesday, 24 April 2013

When It Rains In Oman

When it rains here in Oman specifically Muscat where I live – kucar kacir seketika kehidupan kami di sini..

I’ve been living in Muscat for around 6 years. During the early years we hardly had rains in Oman. When the rains came, it will be a major thing at that time. People will run out to the empty area, laughing taking photos to celebrate the rains. The rains would normally drizzled and last only for less than 5 min.

Year by year we had more rains pouring in Oman. The drastic one that we had was in the year of 2007, which led to Gonu. That was the first disaster that I ever had in my life.

At that time the road and drain system in Oman was not prepared for all of these. The whole country was totally a mess. There were many roads and buildings collapsed and flooded everywhere in the Sultanate.

I was lucky to be staying at the higher residential area. Some of my friends were asked to vacate their house especially those nearby the sea. I probably have to write in another post for the Gonu story itself.. It was a traumatic for all of us here.

Now after almost two years came back for the second time here to Oman, the country has improves a lot. There are lots of new roads and highways. They also have proper drainage system. Though it does not fully fit for the heavy rains like the Tropical Country but it does helps a lot.

This back few days we already had rains in Oman. It started with drizzling for a few min in a day. Things were still under control. Everybody just moaned over the dirty cars. Kotor macam dah keluar dari bendang!

Everybody is still continuing the normal routines as usual. This morning when I woke up from sleep, I still hear rain that had been pouring since last night. It was quite heavy compare to the usual rains we had. The winds were strong too as I could hear it from inside my house.

One thing that popped on my mind – please don’t let anything happen and the road will not be flooded. I still got my children to get ready for school though hoping and thinking that school might be close today.

On the way to school, I got sms informing the school is closed. My kids were screaming happily. On our way back home, we could see the roads have started to pack with cars. There were some areas flooded with water.

Hubby just called me that his office is closing and being advised to leave the office for the safety reasons. As I am typing now, I could hear the winds blow so strong. It still rains on and on.

We are to expect rains and stormy for the next few days here in Oman. The police have asked citizens and residents not to take risk of crossing wadis unless the water level had subsided.

Thank God it is Wednesday today and I got a free holiday today! What a long weekend and hope the weather will be nice to us here in Oman.

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