Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Vitamin Freak

I am 44 years old and Alhamdullilah as for now I am free from any critical illness. I go to gym at least 3x a week and consume so called healthy diet. My diet – I take herbalife shake for my daily breakfast and lunch like rice or noodles. I hardly take heavy dinner. My dinner would normally be a cup of coffee with biscuits or bread. I seldom munch in between meals. If I were to be hungry I would just drink water, coffee or eat light snack like biscuits.

A few months back, I always feel tired. I go out and in daily sending my kids to school and attending my activities. Towards the evening I sometimes started feeling drained. I also sometimes having foot cramped or aching whenever I walk too long. I was a champion in marching from one mall to another. I could just walk and walk hourly window-shopping happily.

But now.. I am no more a champion! I guess probably because of my age factor or maybe I am lacking of some vitamins in my body. I even tried changing shoes from the cheapest to the most comfortable expensive shoes but still felt the aching.

I realize that I have to do something. I know that I am getting older but it is never too late to start on something. Therefore I started buying vitamins. A variety of supplements and vitamins that my body needs. After getting advises from the pharmacist, I am now consuming daily vitamins and supplements plus regular exercise and eating healthy foods.

Alhamdullilah.. after a week I could feel the difference in me. I am no longer tired and the amaze thing is my feet don’t hurt anymore. I also feel that my skins are softer and no more freckles on my hand!

I don’t care if people say that I am a vitamin freak! I would rather be obsess with something that will make me feel good and healthy rather than feeling sad and worried over the illness that I have.

My mother, aunties and uncles all passed away because of cancer. Need more for me to explain? Or need not I to be worry about my health?

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