Sunday, 21 April 2013

Metallica Concert - Abu Dhabi 2013

Metallica? Yes.. did you hear read that? It is Metallica, the ultimate American heavy metal band. They were in Du Arena Yas Island, Abu Dhabi last Friday, 19 April. Believe it or not.. I was there! Yes.. was there to watch their concert.

I’ve known this band when I was 24 years old. I fell in love with their hit song – Enter Sandman. I then started to listen to all of the songs from the “Black Album” which was released in 1991.

Talking about concerts… Thru out my entire life, I have only been to four concerts. The first one was when I was 8 years old. It was a “Sudirman Konsert” that was held in my hometown, Kedah. Sudirman who was the famous singer at that time and luckily, I got to watched him.  I even got called up to the stage to sing with him! Ahah..  I even got to hold his hand too yeah! Hahahaa..

The second one was Michael Jackson concert. He came to Malaysia in 1996. Even though I just managed to get the cheapest ticket, I still enjoyed his magnificent show. The third concert was the KRU concert. Hey.. I was a big fan of this group. It was in my early 20s at that time and I felt so old, being among the teenagers who were dancing, rapping enjoying the concert but hey… age does not count in this! Hahahha

My fourth one was when I was pregnant for Nabila and it was the Akademi Fantasia I. Gosh.. AF was a phenomenon at that time. Everybody at all level of age was going crazy with these AF singers. Again.. I was among the oldest there but still… age is not a matter in here! 

And here again.. I got to watch the Metallica live concert. Compared to the previous concerts that I have been to, one word I could say for this concert – AWESOME!

We arrived at around 6pm at the Du Arena and saw quite a big crowd waiting in front of the entrance. The gate opened punctually at 7pm and excitedly everybody went in. People started running to the front closer to the stage. Since the show hadn’t started yet, we wondered around to get drinks and t-shirts.

At 8.00pm the invited local band “The Eye” started performing their show. They were quite good and played famous heavy metal band’s songs and theirs too. When the band stopped playing at 9.00pm, the crowds sarted screaming for Metallica.

I too who was just relaxing sitting on the grass, started walking finding good spots closer to the stage. Finally at 9.20pm the waiting ended as the first song by Metallica – “Hit the lights” hit the air. Goshh.. I could feel my heart thumping beat-by-beat following the bass rhythm. I could even see each of them very clearly. 

They played 18 songs non-stop for two hours. I didn’t really know all the songs they played and couldn’t sing along but it still didn’t disappoint me. They were so good. Superb! I wonder where they get all the stamina and energy. All the songs were played and sang well. Not to count the tremendous sound systems they had. Awesome and awesome..

As for the crowd, the majority were among my age. Metallica is an evergreen group that founded in 1981 and they are still popular till now. Some of the members of the band were older than me but they were all amazing.

I really enjoyed my night. It was a new experience for me. Frankly I didn’t really know what to expect from this concert. I have never ever been to any famous international artist concert beside Michael Jackson. Shockingly, this was held in one of the Middle East countries.

Whatever it is.. it was an awesome night! Until now I can still feel my heart thumping and rhyming to the songs played in the concert.

Well.. I might not be too old to do anything but not to young to do everything.

Rock Yaww!!

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