Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bright SunShiny Day

Rain.. rain.. go away.. come again another day. Well.. I’ve been singing this with my children over our weekend. It was raining continuously as expected for a few days. Oman’s Ministry of Education has asked all the schools in the Sultanate to close the school due to the bad weather conditions for safety reasons.

Last night I got an sms from my elder daughter’s school informing that there is no school today. Hoorayy! But, my two younger children’s school is open as usual. Nabila and Hakeem were not satisfied and asked why do they have to go to school while all the schools in Oman have been asked to closed.

I wish I could answer that. This morning was a quite tough for me to wake them up. Since they had set their mind for not going to school to school this morning, I had already expected, of course, some dramas from them.

Finally, at 6.45am they woke up, which was the unusual case. At this time they normally would be in the car going to school. We went out from the house at 7.15am and luckily managed to reach the school before the bell rang.

And yes.. today the sun shone from morning to the end of the school day - it was such a breezy shiny day and I wish it would continue like this forever!

As usual, I hit to the gym after sending my kids to school. I felt so bad as last week I got to go only once. The worst part is I eat more than I burn the food!

This week I determine to burn more fat! Meanwhile I feel so blessed that the rain came before we hit the sizzling summer.

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