Sunday, 14 April 2013

Maid-less Again...

I received this sms from my maid a couple of weeks ago when I was in Malaysia.

My reaction to this – to believe or not to believe? When I was away, hubby always called me complaining about the maid. Hubby did not satisfied with the way she ironed his clothes. Keremot sana sini.. Well.. this is not new to me as from the beginning she always made a mistake in ironing clothes.

I’ve showed and trained her the correct way on how to do it but still she did it on her own way. Dah penat nak cakap! This maid name Nuroh, hmmm… what and how can I say about her..

She is a nice lady in person – polite and honest. She is older than me though she claimed she is very young. Work wise, not as superb as her personality. From the beginning of her ‘career’ she always made mistakes in her work. Thousands of times I explained, corrected and showed her but still she preferred to do it on her own way.

I sometimes got gave up with her. Angry? Tensed? Stressed? Don’t have to mention it as my life always like a roller coaster whenever she made mistakes in her work. Not to mention my vase, pipe bidet and other things that got broken by her.

Probably you wonder why do I still keep her. Many times I wanted to terminate her but when thinking of getting another new maid – I would prefer to keep her. I just don’t want to go through all over again with another maid. I have to start to build a trust, gain trust and most important thing is I want to feel safe to leave the maid at home when I am not around.

Due to my experience of having the previous maid that stole my personal things, I got terrified and paranoid to face all of these. And because of that Nuroh is still with me till the day the police had caught her.

I called her twice from Malaysia regarding hubby's complained on his ironed clothes. I warned and talked about this matter seriously with her. I thought the sms that I received was made up by her in order for her to quit from the job but I was wrong.

The latest news I got to know about her that she is now in a prison. She was caught for having a fight with a Tunisian girl. She hit and punched the girl. I guess they were fighting over a boyfriend.

THIS was totally a shocked to me. It surprised me, Nuroh who I could say the lurus bendul dan bodoh2 blur person could acted up to this extend. Another personality of Nuroh that probably I didn’t know. Nevertheless I thank Allah that when she was with us, she was a nice person and harmless to my family.

As for now, I am maid-less. Amazingly I am not worried at all for not having a maid now. I took this matter calmly. I planned my house chores daily. Alhamdullilah I manage it all well. I am not planning to take another maid. I don’t want to go through all of these again. Enough with all this mess!

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