Tuesday, 23 April 2013

It Runs In The Blood

Maybe you’ve read my previous post about my son.. and my today’s story is the continuity about it. Today while walking towards the school hall where my daughter had her netball activity, I saw ADM’s mom. As expected the moment she saw me, she just turned her body back ignoring and pretending like she didn’t see me.

Well.. my reaction was like “do I care whether you gonna say hi to me?”.

A couple of weeks after I reported to the class teacher about the incident, she called me. Yes.. the mother of ADM. I received her phone call while I was getting ready to sleep.

She interrogated me about the incident that I claimed ADM harassed my son. I told her the same thing what I’ve told the class teacher. She was not satisfied and asked me the names of the boys who were there that witnessed the incident.

She even said that how could I believe what the boy (witness) claimed as I was not there during the incident. She then started to raise her unsatisfactory voice to me. She even challenged me to prove that my son being harassed.

Well.. well.. she got the wrong person to argue and fight with.

My answer to her is very simple. First I said, you have to talk to the school and not to me, as this matter now has been the school’s case. If the school (teacher & principal) did not want to disclose the name of the witness, what makes you think that I would too?

I am talking about my SON here and you are too. As much as you believe your son did not do it, as much as that also I believe that my son did not lie to me. Who are you to question me and to prove about my son’s diary or the witness on that day?

I was really irritated at her but still had my sense to act calmly and professionally. She was still not satisfied and repeated again and again claiming that his son was innocent and angry with me for reporting to the school. She said that I should come to her instead.

Ahah! My answer to her – the way you talked and reacted now, shouting at me and I am glad that I went to the school instead of you. I told her again, as a mother you would have the same feeling as mine. What if you were at my place? Would you do the same thing to protect your son? It has been a year, a year that my son has been facing this alone.

I know my son very well and so do you. If you don’t believe that your son would do this that is your choice. But you don’t ask me not to believe my son too. I know my son is a kind-hearted boy and he would never do things to harm people and even lie to me.

So stop talking to me like you were an angel. Whatever your son has done to my son, I would forgive him but whatever you have said about my son –I will never forgive you. What do you feel if I say that your son who was the one that lied all this while. Your son did not just kick or punch my son once but so many times. Will it hurt you to see your son being bullied? Will it hurt your feelings when you know that nobody hears what your son says?

So stop being rude to me. You are the one who called me in the middle of the night and if you are not satisfied with whatever I said, you can always go to the school.

She just then said ok, good-bye and slammed the telephone. Damn.. I felt like to slap and punch her face at that time!

Now I know where does his son gets that bullying and possessive character. Who does she think she is? She thinks she can just call people and demand whatever she wants?

My son told me while he was sitting around with ADM and his friends, ADM’s dad came to them and said hi to everybody except him. My son innocently told me that probably ADM’s dad didn’t notice him as he was the smallest shortest among all in the group. Owh.. my poor boy. My son even told me that ADM told him that his mom doesn’t allow him to talk or be friend with him again.

I just don’t understand why some people will react like this. When come to think of their nationality, don’t blame people if we were to stereotype them as being arrogant, selfish and self centered. I will never stoop down myself as low as them just to prove who I am.

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