Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What I See, What I Feel

This morning after sent my kids to school me, hubby n my dad went down to KL. We had our breakfast at Warung Mak Wanjor, Kampung Baru. This is actually hubby’s favourite place n my bro too. I used to eat nasi lemak antarabangsa. They introduced n recommended me to try Mak Wanjor’s (bersungguh rekomen mcm ada share).

To my taste bud, the nasi lemak ok lah… tak tau tang mana yg deorang duk cakap sedap sangat. Even nasi lemak antarabangsa that I tried recently during ramadhan was not the same anymore like it used to be. Anyway it’s worth to drive all the way there to taste this famous nasi lemak.

After that we went to Keramat to pay a visit to my grand mom’s pusara. After finished reading yasin I wondered around to see the nearby pusara. I was actually admired the modern design n stones that were put on the pusara. Some were neatly arranged with flowers n small trees planted on top of it.

While I was looking n stopped at one unknown pusara I told hubby that the boy was so young when he died. He was born in 1988 n the son of somebody’s (anak Dato’). Suddenly there was a couple came near to me n asked if I was looking for somebody’s pusara. I told the lady that I visited my grand mom’s n now just wondered around.

Without asking she then told me the pusara that I was looking at was her son. Her son died because of the tragedy at Bukit Antarabangsa last December. She has one son n one daughter. Three of them were safe as they were sleeping upstairs but unfortunately not his son as he was sleeping downstairs.

Her son was very close to him that everybody said that he was anak ketiak mak. The parents went to his graduation day recently to collect the cert for him. This year raya was the first raya without him. I was clueless when she told me about his son. I told her “Allah sayangkan anak kakak” and she answered me “ Ye… dan kami juga sayangkan dia” which then she started crying.

My heart went out to her. I can understand how she feels as I have children too. Though I don’t know the boy, I am very sure that he was a nice, kind boy that loved not only by his parents but also to everybody that knew him. I left the unknown lady with lots of things in my mind. What if this happen to me?

It was 11am at that time n the weather was quite hot. Quite hot, humid n uncomfortable to some people that might thing it’s not a suitable time to be at the graveyard but to the lady, a mother she was probably missing n was thinking a lot about his son that she don’t mind to be there at anytime of the day.

May Allah have mercy on her son and grant him a place in Jannatul Firdaus Aameen.

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