Friday, 2 October 2009

Mr Charming

My son, Hakeem is such an adorable boy that always melts somebody’s heart once the person gets to know him. His class teacher always comes to see me with stories n scenarios which on occasion Hakeem played his Mr Charming role.

Since he was in Nursery I noticed that he would has girlfriends that would love to be his buddy. Three weeks ago in the class the teacher asked all the students to close their eyes, relaxed n listened to the music that she gonna play. She played at first fast loud music n ended with relaxing calming slow music.

Then she asked each of the students what they were thinking n imagining while they closed their eyes. When came to Hakeem’s turned, he said “I was imagining that I will do anything for you. Anything that you want me to do” And that answer really pleased n touched Ms Andrea his class teacher… hehhehehehe

She told me that Hakeem again played the Mr Charming n melted her heart. Yesterday again the teacher came to me showing Hakeem drew a picture using computer which actually a picture of him dancing with Ms Andrea.

After a week in Year 1, Hakeem told me that she has a girlfriend name Atiqah. I asked his class teacher about this. His teacher said Hakeem was actually had sort of argument with another boy fighting over Atiqah. And the result was Atiqah chose Hakeem to be her buddy. The best man win..

Hmm….. Hakeem… Hakeem.. in 10 years time, mommy will be worried a lot about you.

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