Sunday, 11 October 2009

Our Raya Open House

Yesterday we had our first raya open house at our home. The caterer came at 10.00am to deliver food and setting up tables n chairs. 10min after that my mother in-law, sister in-law n nieces arrived from Malacca. It then followed by other guests who were non-stop flowing till mid night.

We invited mostly relatives n close friends. It was a long n tiring day for me but I was really happy n satisfied. The food that we ordered was just nice to cater all the guests. Tiada pembaziran..

I got to meet my ‘long lost’ colleague – Kak Ema (zaman2 kegemilangan during my career day) which also happens to be my hubby’s school senior. I was very pleased to see her.

Beside that my cousins that I’ve not met since my mom passed away (8 years ago) came at the last minute at night time.

My children had their good time too as Nadira who invited her school friends n Nabila, Hakeem who were non-stop playing with their cousins.

The event indeed was a success to me n hubby. We got to meet our friends beside the regular ones, relatives, n also my dad who came down from Kedah n not to forget my mother in law too. Insyaalah ada rezeki next year boleh buat lagi...

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